Supported by the Mellon Foundation “Humanities for All Times” initiative.

The final theme for the grants call out for Rethinking Place is Food & Memory. This year, we engage broad themes of food and land as sites of historical and cultural memory. 

Call #3 Theme: Food & Memory (2024)

For the final theme of the Rethinking Place community funding initiative, we seek proposals engaging the theme of history and memory through land and food, including (re)creation of spaces and lands. We invite proposals that build on previous Rethinking Place themes of deep listening and archive. Here, potential frameworks are questions of land and food as an avenue for social justice (in food sovereignty, rematriation, foodways revitalization), as a living archive (in cookbooks, works of food history, seed relations, writings and theory about naming and classifying our environments), or as kinetic, organic material for creation (in material or land-based projects), and includes exploration of both cultivated and and non-cultivated varietals. 

We welcome proposals from all divisions of the college, with the only pedagogical requirement that a critical reading/writing component is not only used but celebrated alongside other disciplinary skills. We welcome proposals that creatively and expansively (re)interpret Rethinking Place themes.


The Rethinking Place initiative invites applications for our fourth round of course development support ($1,000-$2,000 grant in the form of course costs (speaker fees, transportation, supplies)  for faculty interested in offering a course specifically addressing the themes of Rethinking Place, as outlined below.

Deadlines: (rolling applications)

  • Round 4 (applications due April 30, 2024): accepting applications for Theme #3, for courses and research in Fall 2024.

2024 Theme:

Food & Memory (engaging broad themes of food and land as sites of historical and cultural memory)

Students, staff, and faculty are invited to propose interdisciplinary reading groups. In supporting these groups, Rethinking Place wants to give the campus at large an open slate to develop and expand the Bard curriculum as a result of the kind of focused and collegial conversation that a reading group can provide. To the point of curricular development, part of the goal of each reading group will be to design or devise their own primary source document in the form of one interdisciplinary unit of instruction (i.e. a teachable lesson plan) that could ideally be used in multiple divisions across the college.

We encourage a broad range of fields and topics including, but not limited to: Native American and Indigenous Studies; Enslavement/Reparations; Latinx/ Immigration; and Humanities-focused environmental justice topics. We accept all proposals, but particularly encourage proposals in alignment with our 2024 theme of “Food and Memory.”

Rethinking Place will provide support for approved groups by purchasing copies of the selected text(s) for all members as well as refreshments for group meetings. Groups should commit to meeting regularly at least 4 times throughout the semester. 

Proposals for the fall 2024 semester will be due April 30th, 2024. For notification and instructions, subscribe to our newsletter here.

The Rethinking Place: Bard-on-Mahicantuck initiative, funded by the Mellon Foundation, invites applications for the Collaborative Research Grant, which will provide the Bard community–faculty, staff, students, and community partners–with an exciting opportunity to work alongside each other on a research project, inside or outside of a class. The Rethinking Place Collaborative Research Grant can offer $2000 to a team research group.

We accept all collaborative research proposals, but particularly encourage those in alignment with our 2024 theme of “Food and Memory.”

The application for Fall 2024 is below. Proposals for the Fall 2024 semester will be due April 30th, 2024. 

The Rethinking Place: Bard-on-Mahicantuck Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship, supported by the Mellon Foundation “Humanities for All Times” initiative, invites applications for funding and research support for undergraduate students and faculty engaged in summer research during Summer 2024.

Projects proposed during Rethinking Place’s three-year sequence of articulated themes should respond to the corresponding year’s frame. This year, the Rethinking Place Summer Research Fellowships Committee invites students and faculty sponsors to respond to the theme of “Food & Memory.”

Proposals for Summer 2024 will be due April 1st, 2024. For notification and instructions, subscribe to our newsletter here.